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If you love challenges, have a highly developed adventurous spirit and dream of seeing the wilder parts of Israel, do not pass up an all-terrain tour. Go to the Ramon crater or the Judean Desert, to Ramat Menashe or the Golan Heights, the Carmel Mountains or the mountains near Eilat, and soak up the Israeli outdoors, taste the serenity of nature, the quiet of the desert, the clear spring water. Enjoy the wildlife and the fascinating wonders of nature away from the beaten path.

Nature lovers and avid hikers have discovered new paths that offer a glimpse of the enchanted world that has hidden, undisturbed for so many years. Many of these delightful places are now accessible via All Terrain Vehicles and have become a refuge from the noisy cities and a source of peace and calm. Such tours offer a rare opportunity to blend with pristine nature and rejoice at the magnificent landscapes

Here you will encounter natural phenomena that few ever see: waterholes in the desert, flooding streams, natural caves in the hillside, high cliffs, dense forests, gurgling springs and an inspiring richness of plant life. In addition, there will be rare opportunities to visit ancient and fascinating historical sites, meet the varied wildlife, match your skills to the natural obstacles along the way, enjoy the rush and laugh out loud with the energy of a wonderful outdoors experience.